Ways of Working

My experience continues to bring surprises and I realise that the ‘more I think I know the less I know’, you are the expert on your lived experiences, let’s explore.  However, I remain curious and to this end I have always continued to develop personally together with my professional working practice since embarking upon training in 2000, currently researching male issues and specifically male suicidal ideation.

As well as the above, trauma is a specific area of expertise and the many and varied manifestations of how abusive and traumatic experiences impact psychologically, emotionally and somatically on one’s life and being-in-the-world with others.  I have many years experience with addiction in all its guises specifically alcoholism and how this impacts life and living relationally within intimate relationships and also with close family, friends and work environments.

In short you name it and I will get ‘my head around it!’

My passion is to equip my clients with the tools to help themselves heal and fulfil their potential. I offer a collaborative approach, you take the first step and I will walk alongside to find our way.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic I am working through Skype, Zoom and by phone.

Contact details:
Elaine McKenzie
Mob: 07765 406907
Email:  emacmckenzie@gmail.com

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