Why Counselling?

Why not? You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

There are many reasons for seeking counselling. You may be feeling depressed and have no idea why? You may have difficulty eating or sleeping or maybe going through a spell where you are eating/drinking too much and feeling lethargic. Relationships at home and work maybe fraught, the children may be driving you round the bend and money short. You may keep getting stuck in patterns of relating that don't work. You may have had a sudden life-crisis, feel that you lack direction and that life seems meaningless.

One of the main aims of counselling is to gain insight and help understand why we feel as we do, and to guide us from feeling victims of circumstance to empowerment and feeling that we have some control over our lives. Counselling will help in making positive choices and taking decisions -"put things in perspective", I will not tell you what to do - you know already but the way is not clear at the moment - this is your unique journey.

Individual one to one sessions £65. per 50 minute session. (Reduced rates for counselling trainees £45.). Limited discounted rates are available for those in genuine need - please ask when you contact me. Initial assessment for 1-1 counselling £50. “An assessment session”, an opportunity for you to “assess” me, the client/therapist fit is essential – as well as an opportunity for me to begin to "be curious" about what has brought you to therapy. Clinical Supervision £55. Professional endorsements to be found on my Linked In site.




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