I wonder are you drinking too much, taking prescribed medication, anything to change the way you are feeling and help manage your daily stresses???

As the binge-drinking headlines will tell you, many of us are drinking (or doing something to change the way we feel) far more than we may need to. If you are worried about your own “self medication” or a friend/ family member whom you suspect has difficulty controlling drugs/alcohol intake read on…………………..

Here are some of the signs that point to alcohol abuse or even dependency.

How much and when
As we've already mentioned, binge drinking has been making big headlines for some years now. If you regularly exceed the recommended daily limit suggested by the NHS, alcohol will begin to affect your health and could point to a problem with drink. When that post-work glass of wine turns into a bottle or you find yourself insisting that a few pints are necessary to help you relax after a stressful day, you may already showing signs of dependency.

Won't stop, can't stop
Even hardened drinkers will have had mornings where they say, 'Never again!' Some stick to that statement and lay off, or at least cut down on the booze for a few weeks. Those who say it but find themselves cracking open a bottle later that day or the following day may indicate a problem.

Guilt, lies and criticism
Feeling guilty about your drinking is a clear sign that you believe it may be a problem. If, despite your guilt, you find yourself lying to loved ones, saying you've 'only had a couple', then it's time to get serious. Worse still, annoyance or defensiveness arising from others’ complaining about or criticising how much you drink is more than likely a sign that you are misusing the booze “instead of a friend the drug of choice has become a foe! “.




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